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Spotting the difference between a competitor and an achiever

What drives successful people? All too often we're conditioned to believe it's their competitive nature - their innate need to rise above the rest - that pushes them forward. But there's a big difference between competing and achieving...


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

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Reaching your peak: Heartstyles and the great outdoors

At Heartstyles, we know just how big a role our environment plays in shaping the way we think, feel and behave. That's no surprise given that our co-founder, Stephen Klemich, draws so much of his inspiration from nature...


Stephen Klemich – Founder

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What's wrong with a little competition? Plenty, actually.

Competition. It's the force that – perhaps more than any other - shapes the world around us. Which is why it often comes as a surprise to discover that competitiveness is among the most harmful traits for anyone - especially a leader - to have.


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

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One Heart at a Time: Ashley’s story of personal development

Ashley Davis, a People Excellence Coach for KFC South Pacific shared with us her experience of Heartstyles and the impact it’s had on her personal development.


Sandra Bullen – Former Marketing & Communications Director

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