Character in Crisis

Practical tools for staying well

A series of virtual sessions to strengthen character and maintain wellness amid the Covid-19 crisis

What’s the problem?

Right now, across the world millions of us are in some form of lockdown. For many, this means balancing the demands of work and home – all without the usual sources of strength and support. The result? An unprecedented test of character and strain on wellbeing, for leaders and employees alike.

What’s our response?

As a global organisation committed to helping people shift behaviours for the better, we couldn’t sit by and do nothing. So we decided to pool our knowledge and offer it for free in the form of panel discussions featuring Heartstyles experts from around the globe.

Who’s this series for?

These sessions are for anyone with responsibility for leading others in the workplace – be that as CEO, Head of HR, or leader of a team. They are intended to both support leaders themselves and serve as useful content to share with employees.

What’s the focus?

These 15-minute broadcasts will give leaders practical advice on how to strengthen character and sustain wellness in the following areas: Physical, Environmental, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Spititual and Financial.

Watch the series

Physical Wellness in Crisis

Taking a practical view of physical wellbeing and how we can respond

Environmental Wellness in Crisis

Adapting to our new world – physical and virtual

Social Wellness in Crisis

Understanding the impact of social distancing and sustaining genuine relationships remotely

Emotional Wellness in Crisis

Navigating our emotional reactions to crisis and helping others as they wrestle with theirs

Intellectual Wellness in Crisis

Creating opportunity and motivation for intellectual yearning during these challenging times

Spiritual Wellness in Crisis

Sustaining our purpose, values and beliefs – and helping others sustain theirs – during crisis

Financial Wellness in Crisis

Understanding our relationship with finances and adopting a healthy perspective amidst uncertainty

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Character development: The missing piece of the wellness puzzle

A Heartstyles white paper exploring how character development can help change the underlying behaviours that ultimately determine decision-making around wellness.

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