The Heartstyles Indicator

Some of the factors determining success are invisible. Our online personal development tool brings them to light.

Finding the right focus

The simple, wonderful truth is that people are immensely complex. That doesn’t mean personal growth can’t be straightforward. It just means you need a clear idea of what you’ll concentrate on and why.

That’s what the Heartstyles Indicator establishes. Our online surveying tool (available in 25 languages) references information supplied by individuals and their peers against a huge control group – allowing us to create a personal, data-driven action plan.

What do we measure?

Character isn’t set in stone but shifts over time. Our goal is to help people make those shifts quicker and more positive than they’d otherwise be. So we don’t label people or box them into personality types. We simply take a snapshot of their behaviours, scoring them in 16 key areas.

We then use these scores to build a Personal Development Guide, outlining the steps they need to take to realise their goals.

Why does it matter?

Your culture drives your success. Your people drive your culture. So knowing what drives your people is imperative.

The Heartstyles Indicator gives you the power to turn the behaviours that define your business into something you can measure, manage and optimise.

Why we’re different

We don’t tell people who they are. Instead, we show them what they can be.

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Academically validated

Our tool has been rigorously developed to ensure it measures exactly what it claims to.

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Character in Crisis

Practical tools for staying well

A series of virtual sessions helping leaders to strengthen character and maintain wellness amid the Covid-19 crisis

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“We’re seeing a 9% increase in guest satisfaction. We know this is working.”

Cristi Lockett explains the impact Heartstyles has had on KFC’s General Managers, and the knock-on effects for the rest of the organisation.

Ready to start measuring and managing behaviours? We’re here to help make it happen.

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About Heartstyles

18 years in the making, our tool has helped some of the world’s biggest brands unlock their potential.

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