The Heartstyles Indicator

Some of the factors determining success are invisible. Bringing them to light is quicker and easier than you might think.

At the core of everything we do is the Heartstyles Indicator – a tool that gives us a 360° view of an individual’s current behaviours.

Taking an indicator

Taking an Indicator

Using an online portal, participants answer a series of questions about their own behaviours – with the survey taking approximately 10 minutes to complete. The result is a personalised Heartstyles Indicator, a snapshot of how they are ‘showing up’ in the day-to-day.

What do we measure?

Character isn’t set in stone but shifts over time. Our goal is to help people make those shifts quicker and more positive than they’d otherwise be. First we take a snapshot of their behaviours.

A 360° perspective

Three separate Indicators are given. Together, these three Indicators provide a 360-degree perspective on current behaviours - and insights into how they might change.

The results

What do the results mean?

The Indicator is a tried, tested and academically validated method of gaining insights into how an individual is behaving at a given moment in their life. It is not about labelling people within the confines of a profile, but rather providing a platform for change.

To that end, results are presented in the format of a downloadable or an interactive report, a PDG (Personal Development Guide). This provides participants with practical advice on the steps they can take to increase or decrease their use of specific behavioural styles.

Where does it lead?

While a personalised PDG is a hugely helpful resource for anyone looking to embark on a personal development journey, it is only the beginning of the guidance we offer.

Heartstyles, is a process with three stages: measure, activate and cultivate. The Indicator, and the creation of the PDG comprise the 'measure' component. From there, it's time to 'activate' via tailored sessions with a Heartstyles practitioner. Exactly what form these sessions take (their number, frequency and delivery method) depends on which programme you select. 'Cultivate' can also take many forms from executive coaching through to embedding Heartstyles into HR practices, including annual remeasures as part of ongoing individual development.

Why does it matter?

Your culture drives your success. Your people drive your culture. So, knowing what drives your people is imperative.

The Heartstyles Indicator gives you the power to turn the behaviours that define your business into something you can measure, manage and optimise.


A tool you can trust

For many of our clients it's enough to know that our methods have been rigorously developed and academically validated. For others, it's important to take a look under the hood and get to grips with the nuts and bolts of our process.

Our approach has been refined thanks to input from social science researchers and statisticians working in some of the world’s leading psychology departments. Academics such as Professor David Anderson and Dr Namsook Jahng of the University of British Columbia have helped us arrive at a place where the indicator reliably measures everything it claims to measure.

Download our academic validation brochure (PDF)