Why become accredited?

Ideally, the answer would be that you share our values and are excited by what we do. But even if you already share our mindset, you need to consider if it’s something clients are going to want. So, you’ll want to know:

Why now is the right time for Heartstyles?

Organisations have long known that their people are their only true source of competitive advantage. Now, they’re increasingly aware that there’s a lot more to their people than their hard skills. The person that walks through the door each morning also brings with them a bundle of emotions, instincts and behaviours that can either drive them on or hold them back.

There are plenty of organisations with a distinguished track record of helping people develop their competencies. Far fewer can claim to be experts in behaviours. We can. And as an accredited partner so can you.

"Once you've been through the training, you can't live without it. You need to share it. You need to take it further down the ranks so that everybody can experience those benefits"

Elfreda Mostert – Franchise Owner, KFC

How to become accredited

We’ve made the process quick, simple and flexible. It takes place online, can be done at your own pace and completed in as little as three days.

Accreditation is available to experienced people development facilitators.

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Supporting your success

Once you’re onboard, as well as access to the tool, you’ll also be able to find all kinds of videos, documents and other support materials via an online portal.

Alongside these materials – which are always available – you’ll also be able to attend the various webinars and masterclasses we run.

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Character in Crisis

Practical tools for staying well

A series of virtual sessions helping leaders to strengthen character and maintain wellness amid the Covid-19 crisis

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