When individuals become their best selves, organisations flourish.

Through our personal development tool and associated training programs, Heartstyles can help people shift their behaviour, make more effective decisions, enjoy healthier relationships and lead authentically - right across your business.


An introduction to Heartstyles

The journey

What is Heartstyles?

Heartstyles is a methodology for building character - the strength we call on to make clear, constructive, goal-orientated decisions. It consists of a three-stage process.



We use our proprietary assessment tool, the Heartstyles Indicator to provide participants with a 360-degree snapshot of their current behaviours.



We provide tailored programmes - whether online or in person - to help each participant understand why they do the things they do, so that they choose differently.



We offer on-going, long-term support as participants continue their personal journey - be that through supplementary content or extended executive coaching.



It’s not a one-off process, it’s circular. It is worth regularly readdressing each stage, tracking your character as it develops over the course of your life.

Our difference

Who is Heartstyles for?

Heartstyles can be implemented amongst leaders, key teams or across the entire organisation. In short - though we do offer bespoke leadership development programmes for senior leaders - absolutely anyone can benefit from Heartstyles.

What are the benefits?

When people strengthen their character, they enhance their ability to respond to what’s going on around them, rather than simply reacting to what’s going on inside them. This ultimately leads to calmer, more constructive decision-making – day in, day out.

So, whether a large number of staff use Heartstyles or just a selection of key leaders, you will likely see benefits to both the individual and the organisation.

Benefits on an individual level

  • Increased capacity to remain calm and constructive
  • Improved emotional intelligence and stronger relationships
  • An ability to remain focused on higher, longer-term goals

Benefits on an organisational level

  • Less inter-personal and inter-departmental friction
  • A healthier culture, marked by openness and honesty
  • Leaders unlocking the potential of those around them

It all begins with the Indicator

At the core of everything we do is the Heartstyles Indicator – a tool that gives us a 360° view of an individual’s current behaviours.

About the Indicator

Heartstyles is making the difference for businesses across the world

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“We've seen team turnover go down, we've seen a happier more motivated workforce and it drives sales and it drives the business. This is where culture and business performance really intersect.” Roger Eaton, Chief Executive Officer, KFC (2015 - 2019)

Curious to learn how Heartstyles will impact your team and your business?