Growing character

Identifying areas of strength and zeroing in on them is what growing character is all about. At Heartstyles, we don’t set about to change your character. Rather we look to better understand and build upon what we find.

Your journey

What is character?

Our character is the sum of our best intentions and deepest values. When we strengthen our character, we're better able to select behaviours that reflect those intentions and values - even in stressful situations. But in order to align actions with intentions, we must first look at the engine that drives how we behave.

Why character matters?

Character is having the emotional intelligence to understand what you're feeling and why in a given scenario. But more than that, it's using that perspective to pick effective behaviours.

This is why character matters. It influences behaviour, which not only affects us, but also the people around us. Character is perhaps the biggest driver of why we act the way we do and, therefore, how we set about living our lives.


The Heartstyles book

To learn more about character and its influence on our lives, make sure to read Stephen and Mara’s book, ‘Above the Line.

About the book