The Philosophy

Heartstyles isn't about parachuting experts into your organisation, running a few sessions and then returning to business as usual.

Instead, we give individuals and teams the ability to create positive outcomes for themselves and others on a long-term basis.


Growing character

Character is the engine that drives behaviours. It is the emotional intelligence to understand what we are feeling and why; the perspective to pick effective behaviours in response to a given situation.

More on character and why it matters

A platform, not a profile

Profiling tools can box you in. They can tell you who or what you are, but often struggle to accommodate personal growth. Heartstyles goes that extra step, explaining why you do what you do and how you can become your best self.

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Your journey

Positive, demonstrable, long-term change. That's what Heartstyles is about - a journey towards becoming your best self. Here is what that process looks like:

  1. Measure

    Our proprietary tool, the Heartstyles Indicator, helps us gain an overview of every participant's current behaviours and their behaviour as perceived by others. These scores help our facilitators work together with participants to see where patterns of behaviour may be unhelpful, why they arise and ways they might be changed for the better.

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  2. Activate

    This is where our facilitators work closely with participants to build the practical skills they'll need to leave ineffective behaviours behind. Exactly what this period of training - known as a programme - looks like depends on the needs of your organisation. For those engaging with Heartstyles for the first time, Leading with Heart will usually be the first step.

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  3. Cultivate

    For change to count, it has to be lasting. We pride ourselves on how often our work bleeds into the wider culture of the organisations we serve. We're constantly producing content for participants to use as part of their own on-going journeys - long after the activation stage is over. We deliver this content across a variety of platforms, which will soon include our app. For a more hands-on approach to cultivation, leaders can also benefit from our leadership coaching offering.

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The Heartstyles book

To learn more about character and its influence on our lives, make sure to read Stephen and Mara’s book, ‘Above the Line’.

About the book