How can I really change?

Discover why you behave the way you do, and how you can change it.

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About the book

The problem we all face

Ever wondered why you repeat the same behaviours over and over again? Why you can’t help but react to certain people – and situations – in a certain way? Why you end up regretting how you’ve treated someone you care about?

It’s a problem we all face: Why do our behaviours fall short of our intentions?

Breaking the cycle

This book is designed to help you understand your own behaviours and offers practical advice on how to shift them. It explains:

  • Why we behave the way we do – based on behavioural templates
  • Why our coping mechanisms are often holding us back
  • How to recognise situations that push us towards ineffective behaviours
  • How our behaviours are linked and the impact they have on others
  • How to choose effective behaviours - even in the face of stress
Each book

Includes a FREE Indicator assessment

Consider it a health check of your character and the first step in your journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.

About the Indicator

A recipe for change

The process outlined in ‘Above The Line’ is not about changing your personality – it’s about building your character. It will help you live out of Humility and Love (‘above the line’), instead of living out of Pride and Fear (‘below the line’).

From our experience, when people make this shift they: - Behave more effective, at work and at home - Are healthier, happier and less stressed - Feel better about their relationships.

Meet the authors

Meet the authors

Heartstyles co-founders Stephen and Mara Klemich are a husband and wife duo who've dedicated their professional lives to understanding how we can tap into the best of our hearts.

The Heartstyles Indicator, the tool they created to measure effective thinking and behaviours, has helped individuals, teams and organisations all over the world to unlock their potential. Now, their book is doing the same.


Stephen's work is based on a profound conviction that everybody is capable of transformation - and, though none of us are immune to fear or pride, we all carry gold in our hearts.

Outside of Heartstyles, Stephen has enjoyed a successful career in consultancy. When he's not delving into the depths of the human heart, he's scaling mountainsides.


As well as being co-founder of Heartstyles, Mara is also a consulting psychologist. She uses her grounding in neuroscience to inform her work as a facilitator. In the process she's helped thousands of people gain a deeper understanding of their behaviours and better their lives.

With Above The Line, she's relishing the opportunity to take the painstakingly-developed Heartstyles methodology to an even wider audience.

Book themes explored

What does it mean to be 'above the line'?

At Heartstyles, we spend a lot of time thinking about 'the line'. Our founders, Stephen and Mara Klemich, have dedicated their careers to helping others get above it. But what exactly is this line? And what does it mean to be above it?


Stephen Klemich – Founder

What do we mean by 'character development'?

If you spend any time dealing with Heartstyles (and we hope you will) you'll notice we're quick to remind people that we're not here to profile personalities. Instead, our mission is to develop character...


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

The key to growth? Breaking your vows

Developing strength of character increases our capacity to choose effective behaviours - even under stress. Unfortunately, it's not just the stresses of the present we have to contend with. Often, experiences in our past can drive us below the line...


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

Brain drain: What is it and how do you beat it?

At Heartstyles we know full well that mental processes usually hinge on physical ones. Brain drain is a case in point...


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

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