Our impact

Over the years, Heartstyles has been used to identify and solve complex cultural problems, build effective teams within organisations, and to help individuals become better leaders and more fulfilled people.

Our difference

What’s in it for you?

When people grow their character, they grow their ability to respond to what’s going on around them - instead of simply reacting to what’s going on inside of them. This ultimately leads to calmer, more constructive decision-making – day in, day out.

Whilst the impact of Heartstyles varies and is largely up to the individual on the programme, there are several benefits which we hear about time and again:


Improved wellbeing

The happier we are, the better equipped we are to grow. Our programmes and coaching aim to increase self-awareness so that you can feel comfortable in your own skin. This commonly triggers a greater sense of wellbeing.

By offering you a more in-depth understanding of your character, we can:

Grow your self-esteem

If you know why you behave a certain way, you can be more forgiving and accepting of yourself, and build confidence.

Inspire a more reflective way of life

Encouraging you to take time out and reflect on the good things you have done throughout the week.

“We've seen team turnover go down, we've seen a happier more motivated workforce and it drives sales and it drives the business. This is where culture and business performance really intersect.” Roger Eaton, Chief Executive Officer, KFC (2015-2019)

Ready to take employee wellbeing more seriously? We can help.


Healthier culture

Culture is hugely powerful. It can be the difference between attracting, retaining and leveraging your industry’s top talent or seeing them go to the competition. Unfortunately, getting it right isn’t easy.

By helping individuals shift their behaviours we can help:

Evolve your culture

When your people’s behaviours align with their values, the entire culture shifts for the better.

Create a framework of acceptable corporate behaviours

If your values are evident in the way your organisation works, employee engagement benefits.

“Heartstyles has become a key programme for us. We've reflected Heartstyles language in how we define our cultural principles and the values based on which our organisation functions.” Jens Hofma, Chief Executive Officer, Pizza Hut UK

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Higher-performing teams

Teams are rarely just the sum of their parts. Depending on the dynamic at play, the members can push each other forward or hold each other back.

Whether you need to find a fix for a dysfunctional group or to get even more from a high-performing unit, Heartstyles can help.

From the frontline to executive level, we help teams:

Understand where they’re at

By aggregating data we can use the Heartstyles Indicator to show you your teams' current prevailing behaviours.

Find a way forward

With the right coaching we can work with your teams to shift their ways of working to be more effective and better aligned with your values.

“The impact of Heartstyles on the culture of our company has been an eye opener to say the least.. there was an openness that never existed before, there was a freedom of speech, there was an awareness, there was a caring that we haven't seen before and I can only say that comes from the Heartstyles training.” Elfreda Mostert, Franchise Owner, KFC

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Strengthened leadership

In the real world, there isn’t really any such thing as a ‘natural born leader’, just as there’s no such thing as a natural born electrician. It takes focus and effort to develop the hard skills required for leadership – and that’s no less true of the soft skills.

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of leaders to develop:


We help leaders understand their own behaviours, others’ perception of them and what they can do to make both as positive as possible.

Their own authentic leadership style

To inspire their teams, leaders need the self-confidence and self-awareness to be themselves – not just the image of a leader.

“One of the things you see most often in Leadership Development is that they take some very generic skills and try to apply them to unique individuals. Heartstyles does the reverse: it looks first at the unique individual and then gives them the skills they need to grow.” Dyke Shipp, Chief People Officer, KFC International

Is your culture productive? If not, let’s evolve it. Contact us.


Why should I trust Heartstyles to deliver?

Our methodology is based on recognised principles of clinical psychology. Our tool (The Heartstyles Indicator) has been academically validated by the University of British Columbia and been used by over 130,000 people in 131 countries.

What’s more, we are the personal development platform of choice for a number of multi-national companies, including Yum! – the world’s largest hospitality brand.