Introducing The Heartstyles Founders Stephen and Mara Klemich

Stephen and Mara Klemich, a husband and wife team, are the co-founders of Heartstyles and co-creators of the Heartstyles Indicator tool, a tool that measures effective and ineffective thinking and behaviour. They have been working in the corporate world for over 30 years, focusing on individual, team and organisational behaviour and cultural transformation. They both believe that the style of one’s life, character and leadership comes from an attitude of the heart and have placed this at the core the people development industry. They are the co-authors of Above the line – living and leading with heart, which will be published by Harper Collins in 2020.

A bit more about Stephen Klemich

Stephen set up his first people development consultancy in 1987. As part of his work, he used various character measurement tools to help his clients but found them all wanting. Through his consulting work, he observed that sustainable change and development comes from changes in heartfelt values which led him and Mara to develop the Heartstyles Indicator.

His unique approach has led to a successful career in the people development industry and has equipped thousands of people at hundreds of businesses to become the best versions of themselves. Stephen is also an influential personal development facilitator delivering impactful sessions that make a difference in the corporate world.

A bit more about Dr Mara Klemich PhD

Mara’s initial career was as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and from 1990 she started extensive work as a Consulting Psychologist. She joined Stephen in 1994 and together they built Heartstyles focusing on helping individuals and organisations flourish.

Mara brings neuroscience into the areas of leadership development, consulting, coaching and counselling. Her expertise is as an Executive Coach, developing senior leaders at CEO and senior executive levels to effect constructive change at the professional and personal level.