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‘Sarcasm is holding me back? Yeah, right!’ Overcoming a hidden hurdle to leadership

For many of us, sarcasm isn't so much a character trait as a cultural norm. It underpins huge amounts of our humour. And nothing brings people together like a good laugh, right?


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

What does it mean to be 'above the line'?

At Heartstyles, we spend a lot of time thinking about 'the line'. Our founders, Stephen and Mara Klemich, have dedicated their careers to helping others get above it. But what exactly is this line? And what does it mean to be above it?


Sandra Bullen – Chief Marketing Officer

How do leaders create safe places?

We believe the number one principle for a leader is to create a safe place. Effective leaders breathe life into the environment by making it a safe place for team members to express opinions and ideas, to disagree and push back...


Stephen Klemich – Founder