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Taking things seriously

Taking things seriously is no more than according things their true weight and seeing their innate value.  It springs from a desire to weigh things on the scale of the heart rather than indulging in suspicion and distrust.

To lead is to listen

All leadership has a context, whether you are running a campaign, running a meeting, or running a project.  And all leadership is concerned with effecting change by completing a specific task.  How do you relate the two? What is it that you must do?

How good is your execution?

Work is all about execution - the ability to make things happen and bring them to completion.  It is a skill that schools, business schools and short courses tend not to teach.  The skill of getting things done is not an occult art: it can be learned, practiced and improved.  The key is leadership and what are called “soft skills”.  Here is how. 

How do you connect your leadership with your life and the lives of your people?

The songwriter Bronnie Ware worked for a while in palliative care helping the terminally ill, and compiled a list of common regrets expressed by the people she cared for.  Her list gained huge popularity. How might this apply to, leadership?

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Heartstyles part in the neurodiversity movement

How does Heartstyles, a psychological behavior tool, fit with neurodiversity? A term that was coined in 1998 is now a social justice movement, promoting the idea that there is no right way to think, learn or behave. The movement began in education and child development, and it has gathered momentum to include adults and the workplace. HR leaders can no longer ignore it, they need to consider the needs of the neurodiverse in their learning and development and their diversity and inclusion plans. We will explore this question from several perspectives.


Sandra Bullen – Director of Marketing and Communications

One Heart at a Time: Angie's story of 'letting go'

Angie Clarke, a Field Training Manager at KFC Sydney, was a Heartstyles non-believer. She doubted whether it would have an impact on her and her leadership style. Here she shares with us her personal Heartstyles journey.


Sandra Bullen – Marketing & Communications Director

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One Heart at a Time: fast food in perspective

Liu Yong, a Shift Manager for Pizza Hut Singapore, shared with us his experience of being a manager in a fast-paced environment and how ‘Virtual Leading with Heart’ helped to shift his perspective and encouraged him to lead with love.


Sandra Bullen – Marketing & Communications Director

Love Leadership

One Heart at a Time: Gabe's story of leadership development

Restaurant General Manager from KFC Florida, Gabe Terrell spoke to us about his experience of Virtual Leading with Heart, and the impact it's had on both his personal and professional development.


Sandra Bullen – Marketing & Communications Director

Avoiding Sarcastic Stories Leadership

One Heart at a Time: Ashley’s story of personal development

Ashley Davis, a People Excellence Coach for KFC South Pacific shared with us her experience of Heartstyles and the impact it’s had on her personal development.


Sandra Bullen – Marketing & Communications Director

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Introducing our 'One Heart at a Time' stories

We think the most powerful way to tell a story is to let the person whose story it is tell it. So, over the coming weeks, we will do just that by sharing our ‘One Heart at a Time’ stories, where people around the world who have experienced the Heartstyles programmes share their experiences.


Sandra Bullen – Marketing & Communications Director