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The key to growth? Breaking your vows

Developing strength of character increases our capacity to choose effective behaviours - even under stress. Unfortunately, it's not just the stresses of the present we have to contend with. Often, experiences in our past can drive us below the line...


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

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There's more to heart than being 'nice': Why discomfort is vital to growth

We know very well that discomfort is part of the parcel of character development. And it doesn't always feel 'nice'. In fact, some behaviours we might think of as 'nice' are actually manifestations of fear and pride...


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

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Navigating the matrix: Using Heartstyles to leverage organisational structure

Most businesses understand the importance of aligning their structure to their strategy. But structure doesn't just shape the org chart - it also shapes people...


Sandra Bullen – Chief Marketing Officer

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Reaching your peak: Heartstyles and the great outdoors

At Heartstyles, we know just how big a role our environment plays in shaping the way we think, feel and behave. That's no surprise given that our co-founder, Stephen Klemich, draws so much of his inspiration from nature...


Stephen Klemich – Founder

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What do we mean by 'character development'?

If you spend any time dealing with Heartstyles (and we hope you will) you'll notice we're quick to remind people that we're not here to profile personalities. Instead, our mission is to develop character...


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

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Why striving/perfectionism gets in the way of self-growth

In our modern world, it can seem that high paced action is rewarded. Do more. Be more. Have more. Striving can be how we prove to the world that we’re 'good enough.' But this also comes with a price...


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

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What does it mean to be 'above the line'?

At Heartstyles, we spend a lot of time thinking about 'the line'. Our founders, Stephen and Mara Klemich, have dedicated their careers to helping others get above it. But what exactly is this line? And what does it mean to be above it?


Stephen Klemich – Founder

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How does Heartstyles help leaders?

Whether an organisation is fairly flat or more hierarchically structured, the behaviour of its leaders will inform the way everyone operates...


Ross Orwin – Client Services Director

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The influences on today's workplace

Demographic shift means employers often have three, or even four generations working side by side within their organisations. To bring out the best in all of them, it's vital to understand how the norms of their respective eras have shaped their attitudes - and the way they work.


Carly Morgan – UK Client Relationship Director

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Spotting the difference between a competitor and an achiever

What drives successful people? All too often we're conditioned to believe it's their competitive nature - their innate need to rise above the rest - that pushes them forward. But there's a big difference between competing and achieving...


Dr. Mara Klemich – Founder & Consulting Psychologist

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