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Our year in review (2018)


Sandra Bullen – Marketing & Communications Director

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” So said Winston Churchill and it is in this spirit that we write this year in review. With our hands on our hearts we can say that 2018 has been a truly significant year for Heartstyles. This year, more than any before, will be a springboard into our future. So, we want to take this opportunity to share some of these exciting developments - firstly to say THANK YOU for being part of this journey and secondly so that you share our excitement about what’s coming next. Let’s look back…

1. Our mammoth 24 language translation project, spanning two years, came to an end in November, when the Korean version went live. 

What an incredible feat of technology and project management this has been, and massive thanks go to our corporate sponsor of the project, Yum! A big shout out as well to our co-founder Mara Klemich who drove the project through, alongside Werner Stadler and our partners Pure Survey and Comms Multilingual. Incredibly The Heartstyles Indicator is now available in 25 languages; English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian Bahasa, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese (Trad Chinese), Thai, Turkish, Urdu and Vietnamese. 

Plus we can report that, even so soon after go-live, we already have people who have completed Indicators in 17 of the 25 languages, including just under 1,000 Russian Indicators completed. The future is bright – and multi-lingual!

2. 2018 saw 10,000+ people going on a Heartstyles personal development journey.

As a purpose driven company we believe that humility, love, courage and respect will always make the world a better place and help people live a fuller life. This is why we exist and so we celebrate each and every life that has been impacted, each person who has been given the tools to shift their character and live more fully Above the Line.

These people can be found in 6 continents and across many different industries and market sectors, including commercial and not for profit organisations. We’ve worked with senior leaders, with teams, with front line staff and with entire businesses. Our work has involved residential programmes, consultancy, personal coaching and of course our hallmark outdoor activities. In this year we also piloted the first version of our online My Best Self programme with one of our clients, amongst over 300 frontline staff. This will provide the e-learning opportunity for every member of an organisation to go on their own Heartstyles journey in a guided and accessible way. And of course the internet knows no boundaries so there are future possibilities beyond this.

3. We’ve continued to build our Certified Practitioner and Accredited Associates base across the globe, adding 100+ people to our facilitating and coaching community. 

This includes those within client organisations, others within people development consultancies, and also individual facilitators and coaches. It is only through our partnership with this network of skilled and amazing people that we are able to have such a global reach. This will continue to be our strategy into 2019 and beyond to nurture and support these people.

4. Our founders Stephen and Mara Klemich commissioned a Global Leadership Team to run the business, giving them the space and time to concentrate on writing their upcoming book.

With a book contract publishing giant Harper Collins we anticipate 2019 to be a year of great shift for the Klemichs, as they work towards publication in the second half of the year. We know that the book will open up the possibility of many more people beginning their own Heartstyles journey of personal development. This possibility of such an individual journey is a new one for Heartstyles. Up until now we have impacted individuals that work within organisations but 2019 will see a change. For all those participants who, at the end of a programme, have gone home wanting their family and friends to experience what they have experienced, 2019 is the time for this to happen.

5. We’ve continued our commitment to giving out of our profits to a number of partner charities. 

On a recent trip to visit one such organisation, some in the Leadership Team were reduced to tears as they saw the impact of the monetary gifts, helping extraordinary educational projects in a Township in Cape Town, South Africa. And it doesn’t end there. The impact isn’t simply financial, but the staff of the charity also all work with Heartstyles as their personal development tool, and they truly walk the walk of living Above the Line. It is moving and humbling to see.

So it is with genuine gratitude that we look back on all that together – our staff, our clients, partner organisations, consultants alike – have been able to achieve in 2018. Thank you all. And it is with excitement that we anticipate the year ahead. Here’s to 2019. There will be new challenges, new places to go and more things to celebrate along the way. We look forward to continuing the journey with you.

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