Bringing heart into business


Ross Orwin – Client Services Director

Love. Heart. Humility. The world is changing. There is a new permission to bring a more emotive language into the workplace.

The Heartstyles team share their insight into how this language at the core of the Heartstyles model aligns with the current shift we are seeing in health, research and sport and how engaging with a more emotional language is significant to becoming our best selves, both as leaders and individuals.

We’re here to answer your questions. Whatever you want to know, don’t hesitate to ask.

15 November 2019

Getting it out in the open: Heartstyles' experiential outdoor programmes

Co-founded by an experienced mountaineer, natural settings have been a big part of Heartstyles...

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28 October 2019

Navigating the matrix: Using Heartstyles to leverage organisational structure

Most businesses understand the importance of aligning their structure to their strategy. But...

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23 April 2019

How does Heartstyles help leaders?

Whether an organisation is fairly flat or more hierarchically structured, the behaviour of its...

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