What makes us different

"It’s not a profile to live from, it’s a platform to grow from"

Profiling tools box me in and tell me who and what I am. Heartstyles is an indicator tool telling me where I am and why I behave like I do. It then shows me how I can go on a journey to become my best self.

There are plenty of businesses out there who, like us, claim to be able to bring out the best in your people. Usually they work by profiling – telling us what our limitations might be and (if we’re lucky) how we can work round them.

It’s a view that implies people never really change. If you believe that, then organisational growth is bound to be a challenge.

At Heartstyles we take a different approach…

A simple case of cause and effect

A lot of science gets bandied about in this industry. While we’re no strangers to its finer points (our co-founder, Dr Mara Klemich, is a Consulting Psychiatrist with a strong grounding in neuroscience) we like to think business growth hinges on a simple principle: cause and effect.

For business to grow, individuals need to grow. The first step is showing them it’s possible. Our Indicator, and the Personal Development Guides it generates, does just that. From there, our programmes help people along their journey.

Take a new path to progress

When your people grow, your business grows. Let’s get started.

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18 years in the making, our tool has helped some of the world’s biggest brands unlock their potential.