Virtual Leading with Heart

Heartstyles helps organisations and individuals to adapt and thrive - even in trying circumstances. So it’s only fitting that we’ve reimagined our Leading with Heart program to meet the demands of a world where work is now so often remote.


Virtual Leading with Heart


The programme

As with Leading with Heart, anyone can benefit from this programme. Facilitators work with groups of up to 12 participants.

What does it achieve?

The programme pushes participants to:

  • Understand why they do the things they do
  • Better understand where truly effective behaviours come from
  • Develop the strength of character to select those behaviours more often
  • See how their skills align with the aims of their team
  • Better help others to do the above

What does it consist of?

The content delivered - and the results achieved - are the same as the in-person version of the programme. The real point of difference is delivery - with facilitators working with the group across 8.5 hours of sessions. These sessions are spread across a four-week period and timed around participants' commitments. This provides several key benefits:

  • Participants do not need to block out large chunks of their diaries to participate
  • Travel costs are eliminated
  • Health concerns that may prevent in-person attendance are sidestepped
  • The less intensive schedule gives participants longer to live with their learning - and more opportunity to convert theory into practice between sessions


Timings can be arranged around the needs of the groups, but the programme typically takes place over four weeks.



Participants complete their Heartstyles Indicator and receive 15-minutes of individual coaching.


Week 1

Participants have their first 90-minute group session and receive their Indicator results.


Week 2

The group complete two more 90-minute sessions.


Week 3

Participants undertake a 45-minute one-on-one session, as well as a final 90-minute group session.


Week 4

The sessions conclude with a 90-minute 'check-out'.



Personal development is a lifelong journey - and this four-week period is far from the end of the process. Instead, this marks the beginning of the 'cultivate' stage.

To help ensure the learnings from the 'activation' are carried forward and translated into meaningful change, programmes include individual follow-up check-ins: one-to-one sessions with facilitators in which they can discuss progress and address any challenges that may be arising.

After this, the organisation may build on the programme using leadership coaching. Alternatively, participants can continue their journey on their own making use of top-up content, continually published across our social channels.

We’re here to answer your questions. Whatever you want to know, don’t hesitate to ask.