Leading with Heart

People aren't walking CVs. All of our expertise comes bundled with habits, hopes, feelings and fears. This complex tapestry drives behaviours which - depending on our ability to manage them - can either augment or compromise our competencies.

Harnessing deep insights, Leading with Heart helps participants strengthen their character and achieve better outcomes - even in stressful situations.


The programme

Ideally a facilitator will work with a maximum of twelve individuals looking to become more unified and effective.

What does it achieve?

The programme pushes participants to:

  • Understand why they do the things they do
  • Better understand where truly effective behaviours come from
  • Develop the strength of character to select those behaviours more often
  • See how their skills align with the aims of their team
  • Better help others to do the above

What does it consist of?

Heartstyles is a three-stage process. The first step is for participants to complete a Heartstyles Indicator. The results of this Indicator will be used to create an interactive PDG (Personal Development Guide). This document provides a roadmap we can work from during the next stage: activation.

This is where facilitators work face to face with participants to help them better understand how and why their current behaviours manifest, as well as the practical tools they can use to reduce or increase particular styles.

Day 1

Participants complete their Heartstyles Indicator and receive 15-minutes of individual coaching.

Day 2

Participants have their first 90-minute group session and receive their indicator results.



Personal development is a lifelong journey - and this two-day period of intensive, hands-on work is far from the end of the process. Instead, it marks the beginning of the third stage: cultivation.

To help ensure learnings are carried forward and translated into meaningful change, programmes include individual follow-up check-ins: one-to-one sessions with facilitators in which participants can discuss progress and address any challenges that may be arising.

After this, the organisation may build on the programme using leadership coaching. Alternatively, participants can continue their journey on their own making use of top-up content, continually published across our social channels.

We’re here to answer your questions. Whatever you want to know, don’t hesitate to ask.