Bespoke Leadership Development Programmes

Everyone’s Heartstyles journey starts with our foundational Leading with Heart programme, it is where the core Heartstyles concepts are learned.

Our leadership development programmes build on Leading with Heart, to help leaders develop the soft skills crucial to their success. The content found in these programmes covers one or more of three key focuses: self-mastery, supporting others, and shaping culture.


The programme

As our foundational programme, newcomers to Heartstyles complete Leading with Heart before moving on to bespoke programmes.

Leveraging your greatest assets

People are the only true source of competitive advantage. As such, businesses rightly invest in attracting, retaining, and developing great talents. As these individuals gain in seniority - with teams, regions or entire functions operating under them - their influence spreads. And that means a huge amount rests on their individual behaviours.

Our Leadership Development programmes build on the foundation provided by Leading with Heart, to help leaders develop the soft skills crucial to their success. Naturally, all of our bespoke Leadership Development programmes are built to respond the particular needs of the individual team and organisation. That said, we often find they have one of three key focuses, loosely aligned to seniority:

  • Self-mastery
  • Supporting others
  • Shaping culture
Key focuses


Understanding our inner-processes is critical for effective leadership. Heartstyles can help budding leaders achieve:

  • Greater comfort with vulnerability, allowing for stronger more trusting relationships
  • A true sense of authenticity, allowing for clear-sighted strategy unclouded by the need to please or compete
  • Genuine humility, essential to tapping into the expertise of those around us
  • The confidence to take responsibility and lead, rather than just contribute
  • An appetite for appropriate levels of risk taking
  • An enhanced ability to see beyond the needs of the moment and remain orientated around long-term goals

Shaping culture

It's one thing to inspire those around you, but what about colleagues you may never meet? Heartstyles can help leaders working on a strategic level to:

  • Achieve clarity, not only on long-term goals, but on the mid-term strategies that will achieve them
  • Understand - and create - an organisational culture that allows functions to deliver on their targets
  • Make bold, ego-less decisions
  • Promote positive, emotionally intelligent practices across all levels of leadership
  • Let go where appropriate and give colleagues space to flourish
  • Build a lasting legacy of organisational behaviours that will continue to drive success - even in the face of external disruption

Supporting others

When they recognise what's going on for those around them, leaders can influence great outcomes. Heartstyles can help those with management responsibilities to:

  • Lead in an inclusive way that brings the best out of diverse teams
  • Maintain awareness of how their example impacts those around them
  • See and unlock the potential in others
  • Build trust with and between all members of their team
  • Create a frictionless environment where everyone works toward the collective interest, rather than short-term personal wins
  • Be authentic in challenging those who aren’t delivering their best

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