Putting Heart in Digital


Carly Morgan – Director of Academy

As COVID made virtual learning a necessity, we took the opportunity to re-imagine our Leading with Heart programme. For us, virtual learning wasn’t merely a back-up plan while restrictions across the world were in place, we wanted to enable organisations to embrace active learning and empower teams to make the most of their learning experience in a digital setting.

We focused on building an interactive virtual learning experience spanning a four-week period for up to 12 participants per group. By combining live group sessions, one-on-one coaching and additional material for participants to look into at their own convenience, we deliver the Heartstyles experience over a longer period of time which encourages the participants to live with their learnings and put what they learn into practice between sessions.  

While face-to-face delivery of programmes is slowly starting to resume in certain parts of the world, virtual learning is here to stay and our Virtual Leading with Heart programmes will become an integral part of our offering to kickstart people's Heartstyles journey.

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